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September 4, 2012
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Time's Apprentice Cover Art by Atrieisan Time's Apprentice Cover Art by Atrieisan

Comic is up!


The image is based off a story that's been running through my head for a while now, though it's been subject to change over and over again. Whether or not this story will actually hit fanfiction or not really depends on if it mentally unfolds into anything really interesting.

The story started off simple, such as the description given in the previous posting: [link]

Time's Apprentice--

Clockwork; all knowing master of time, plays witness to a future even he had not expected to see within his "looking glass," his own. A future that cannot be changed, no matter what sort of meddling he may try. An end of time itself, his own death at the hands of some unseen force that would eventually unravel the very essence of both the Ghost and Human realm without his power to stop it.
Taking heed to his own warning, Clockwork turns towards finding a spirit capable of learning and upholding the strands of time. Yet no other canidate seems capable of the strength and mindset for the job than the young, distrought, fifteen year old Danny Fenton/Phantom, whom has just lost his family from the explosion at the Nasty Burger no less!
Will Clockwork be able to convince the boy to take on the duty of guardian of time itself before it runs out on them?


The above concept that changed, follows along the mixing of the other story, My Phantom's Keeper. Which I won't get too elaborate on except for the fact that there are changes to many of the characters involved. Including the main factors involving Danny's character, since this WIP is darker and meant for an older audience than the original show. (More or less taking a series ment for kids between 7 and 12 and turning it into something for 16+)

Overall the revamp to Danny's character is more or less like this:

He not a half ghost. But a spiritual entity known as a Spirit Eater, or Phantasm. Taken under Clockwork's wing as an apprentice. Danny studies through spirit lore and the mysteries surrounding time as he travels and learns to adapt to being one of the Spirit World's 'top' predators, whether he likes it or not.

More or less the phantasm design which started off as a simple quirk idea, has slowly developed into it's own genre as well as species of sorts. I intend to elaborate on it in detail later.


The image above is by far one of the longest worked on images I have ever done. Out of my entire portfolio, this image has taken me over five days working on this here and there. Well over 30 hours total and more than 120 layers!

I Originally had no intention of coloring this. Simply because I absolutely loathe backgrounds.... But for some reason this has perked enough interest for me to rise to the challange and create the "cover art" for this story. (If I get around to writing it. At the rate things are going, this is highly possible. )


Comic is up!
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inginuyasha Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
I love the detail in this ^_^ awesome job
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Do you know the saying 'A Picture Paints A Thousand Words'? Heres the example :D
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Fantastic! It has so much character and feel to it! 
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Awww!!!! So cute and Danny sleeping like a Baby. :heart:
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Aaawww... Danny fell asleep reading a book. How adorable! :meow:
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I think there should be a way to double favorite things like this.
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This is amazing!!!
Giantcritic Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
dang! 120 layers??!?!? I cant even handle 3 so im amazed at how good you are at keeping track of layers and keeping them in the right order of which is on top <3 lovely picture and marvelous job~
bunnystar16 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013
Love the pic!
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So cool!
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